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Formulated by renowned perfumer Azzi Glasser, the LINLEY Classic Candle collection re-imagines periods from David’s life.
With key notes of Balsamic Labdanum, Armoise, Orris, Black Musk and Oud, the LINLEY Classic Workshop Candle harks back to scents loved by David’s time at workshops throughout his career. The Workshop Candle is housed in a hand-crafted porcelain vessel inspired by the iconic Doric column.


“I wanted to capture the scent of printed paper, new inks, balanced with the darkness and depth of David’s memories, using ingredients that work together to form the molecular print of a time and a space that transports the mind.”
Azzi Glasser


Burn time: 40-45 hours

Candle: H115 x Diam:70mm Packaging: H:150 x Diam:120mm


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